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Moody Blue - Germany 1988 - BMG ND90252
Moody Blue - BMG ND90252 - Germany 1988 Moody Blue - BMG ND90252 - Germany 1988
Moody Blue - BMG ND90252 - Germany 1988


Matrix Number: SONOPRESS C-3919/ND 90252 B

  Unchained Melody
If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
Little Darlin'
He'll Have To Go
Let Me Be There
Way Down
Pledging My Love
Moody Blue
She Thinks I Still Care
It's Easy For You

Moody Blue is the twenty fourth and final studio album by Elvis Presley, released by RCA Records the month before his death in August 1977. The album was a mixture of live and studio work, and included the four tracks from Presley's final studio recording sessions in October 1976 and two tracks left over from the previous Graceland session in February 1976. "Moody Blue" was a previously published hit song recorded at the earlier Graceland session and held over for this album.
Also recorded at the February session was "She Thinks I Still Care". "Way Down" became a hit after Presley's death less than one month after this album's publication. The album was certified Gold and Platinum on September 12, 1977 and 2x Platinum on March 27, 1992 by the RIAA.

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1977 - USA - Red Test Pressing
Graceland (have) had an auction for the above vinyl with the below information.
The offered red vinyl test pressing is for Elvis Presley’s 1977 album Moody Blue. The red vinyl is not purely red, as there are gentle wisps of a darker color mixed in. During the pressing of Moody Blue, RCA celebrated the 2 billionth Elvis Presley record sold, and Ernie Ruggeri, VP of manufacturing for RCA, is said to be responsible for pressing several different colored vinyl and picture disc examples as part of the celebrations. These pressings were done in extremely small numbers, some in white, green, gold, red and combinations of the colors. They are highly sought-after as some of the rarest Elvis Presley records in existence.
The offered vinyl’s matrix numbers do indeed indicate that the record was made in the original year of release, 1977, and they align with the matrix numbers on other known red vinyl test pressings from this period. Side A’s matrix number is “AFL1-2428-A-1S Masterfonics GAM A7,” and Side B’s matrix number is “AFL1-2428 B-2S W.” Also in the dead wax on Side B is what appears to be a signature that is indecipherable. Some have said it reads “jmkles,” but that is just speculation. The disc is accompanied by a period outer sleeve for the record. The disc measures 12 inches (30.48 cm) in diameter and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Graceland Authenticated.

1977 - USA - White Pressing

Elvis’ last album released before his death in 1977 was Moody Blue. As a gimmick and with the popularity of colored vinyl in the 1970s, RCA released the album on blue vinyl to brisk sales, prompting RCA to do another pressing, this time in standard black vinyl. After the unexpected demise of Elvis, which shocked the nation, the sale of his last album skyrocketed and RCA met the demand by leasing production out to smaller pressing plants. When the main pressing plant in Indianapolis reached a milestone of 2 billion records, RCA celebrated with special pressings in colored vinyl in extremely small runs. It is believed that these small runs in red, green, white and yellow were given only to executives and VIPs. Some records were pressed in two colors and an extraordinarily small number were pressed as a picture disc with Colonel Parker dressed as Santa. These were given by the Colonel to VIPs.

As with anything, mistakes can happen during the process, and offered is a white vinyl disc that contains what is referred to as a misprint because an incorrect label has been applied to Side A. Although the record tracks are correct for Side A, the label that has been applied is that for the 1977 RCA release of Elvis’ first LP, Elvis. This mistake is indicative of the manual, short-run nature of the production process that left us with these incredibly scarce examples. In addition to the rarity of the color vinyl disc and the misprint on this example, this pressing is even more unique in that it is housed in a sleeve stamped “Not For Sale.” The disc measures 12 inches (30.48 cm) in diameter and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Graceland Authenticated.

1988 - Germany

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1977 Canada - 8 Track

Multi Coloured Moody Blue Single showing A and B sides

Moodly Blue Gold Album

Moody Blue Green Album