Employment History

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The summer of Elvis' freshman year of high school, his dad Vernon bought him a push lawn mower. With the mower and a couple of sickles, Elvis and his three buddies - Buzzy Forbes, Farley Guy and Paul Dougher - started a lawn business. They charged $4.00 per yard. This was the beginning of the working life a young man who would very soon become a millionaire.


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In March of 1957 Elvis' parents Vernon and Gladys Presley were looking for a larger and more private home than the one they and Elvis were living in on Audubon Drive. They found Graceland on what was then the outskirts of south Memphis. When Elvis returned from filming "Loving You", he went to see Graceland and also fell in love with it.


American Sound Studio

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American Sound Studio was a recording studio located at 827 Thomas Street in Memphis, Tennessee. More than one hundred hit songs were recorded there between its founding 1964 and its closing in 1972, The music for these hits was played by the house band "The Memphis Boys", also known as the "827 Thomas Street Band".

Stax Records

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In the 1950's there was a record label in Memphis called Satellite Records. Its founders were Jim Stewart and his sister Estelle Axton. They moved their business to the old Capitol Theatre and in 1961 Stewart took the first two letters of his last name and the first two letters from his sister's last name and made a new label called STAX Records. Their design for their logo was a falling stack of records.