Thor 2011 Steelbox DVD and Blueray


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Thor Steelbox. DVD and Blueray.

This steelbox contains two Discs. One DVD and one Blueray.

Based upon norse mythology, the character Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is the son of Odin (Anthony Hopkins), the king of the realm of Asgard. During his would be coronation to receive the crown from his father, Asgard is attacked by a handful of frost giants, long time enemies of the Asgardians. Arrogant in his youth believing himself invincible, he is persuaded by his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his closest warriors to defy Odin and travel to Jotenheim to confront the giants resulting in war. Enraged by Thor's acts, Odin banishes him to earth to humble him. Pride before the fall as they say.

This film does so many things right. It has surprisingly strong character development at it's heart as Thor realises he has much to learn not only about himself but the other realms, I really enjoyed watching him grow.

The locations are stunning. The CGI heavy realms of Asgard and Jotenheim look fantastic, Asgard is all light with golden glowing castles and shimmering waters in contrast with Jotenheim's dark cold ice and rock environments. Despite these fantastical locations Thor's time on earth in a small desert town is equally memorable as Thor tries to adjust to a world he doesn't understand or belong leading to many humorous moments. Interestingly despite the large differences between each realm, it works well as a cohesive universe.

The acting for the most part is fantastic with Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins especially great though many of the supporting cast such as Kat Dennings, Idris Elba and Stellan Skarsgard play their parts perfectly. Chris Hemsworth plays Thor rather well and seems to grow with confidence as the film progresses.

The Blu-Ray itself is excellent. The menu is gorgeous with an animation of Thor's hammer flying through space. It has quite a lot of decent extra content. A nice Marvel one shot mini film linking to a previous film. Seven different making of featurettes featuring sets, costumes, actor/director/producer interviews, Thor's hammer, film music etc. There are also deleted scenes, director commentary among others. It has a decent wealth of content.

Overall I really enjoy this film from the fantastical elements right down to the more basic. It has great action and battles, awesome special effects yet also has great characters and humour.

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