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Collection of three films starring the legendary Will Hay. Titles include RADIO PARADE OF 1935, GHOST OF ST MICHAELS and BLACK SHEEP OF WHITEHALL.
An oddity. Will Hay is head of radio station NBG which is in the doldrums due to its policy of only broadcasting programmes that have no popular appeal. A young employee (Clifford Mollison) tells him so, and is promoted in order to change the programmes. He intends to produce a big variety show but the plans are scuppered by a theatre impresario who bans all his contract artists from appearing. Not to be foiled he sets about recruiting "turns" from amongst the studio employees and street acts. An inventor turns up with a revolutionary idea - Television - which they plan to use to exhibit the show on portable screens all over London - in colour!
Hay has not yet developed his schoolmaster type persona, and is really only a support, with Mollison the driving force. Its best interest is in displaying a range of music hall acts of the period (mid 1930's), and in a demonstration of early colour filming.
Hugely popular on its release, The Ghost Of St. Michael's features Will Hay in one his most signature roles as William Lamb, a pedagogue called out of retirement because of the war to join the staff of a school that has been evacuated to a remote Scottish castle. According to legend the castle is haunted and whoever should hear the sound of ghostly bagpipes will surely meet a grisly end. With members of the school's staff dropping like flies, Lamb is called upon to solve the gruesome mystery. Featuring delightful interplay between Hay and Claude Hulbert , there is also a standout turn from John Laurie as the school caretaker given to telling the fearsome story of the castle's ancient curse.
Will Hay, Claude Hulbert, Charles Hawtrey
This film is a joy from begginning to end. The attepts to rescue a kidnapped scientist never fail to be funny. Will Hay's perfomance as the incompetent head of a correspondence college who gets drawn into the plot is wonderful and John Mills gives great support. This is a film that anybody can enjoy, the humour appeals to all age groups and despite the age of the film it never seems stale.

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