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5037115253330 The Mallen Secret - Catherine Cookson

Before the death of the late Squire Thomas Mallen, he left a trail of illegitimate children all over the hills of 19th Century Northumberland. One of them, Miss Barbara, is deaf and has been kept from the truth by her governess. Now a beautiful and wilful young woman, she falls in love with her cousin, Michael, whose mother is also obsessed with keeping him ignorant of his own illegitimacy.
Juliet Stevenson, Gerry Sundquist, Caroline Blakiston

5037115253538 A Dinner of Herbs - Catherine Cookson

Filmed on location in the North of England, this story is based on Catherine Cookson's novel of hardship, betrayal and family life in a 19th century working class town. Roddy and Hal have been friends since childhood, and their closeness strengthened by the murder of their fathers by the same man. Mary Ellen is also in their circle of friends, but when she is rejected by Roddy after an affair that leaves her pregnant, she turns to Hal for security. Their lives spiral into an explosive dramatic conclusion.

Jonathan Kerrigan, Melanie Clark Pullen, Tom Goodman Hill

5037115253637 The Black Candle - Catherine Cookson

The story of an independent, 19th-century British woman who runs a textile mill and who must clear one of her workers who's accused of a crime committed by a nobleman.

Samantha Bond, Denholm Elliott, Sian Phillips

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