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All the sections under Computer Help regarding anti-virus and related software, are my own personal opinion

I have been using computers since 1982 and have screwed up, messed up, binned, rebuilt and reinstalled many times. This is how I have gathered a lot of information about computers. The advice I give about hacking etc isnt meant to scare you, it is designed to pass on advice about how to protect yourself, and make you aware of the scams and how to NOT get screwed yourself. It is entirely down to you whether you wish to take notice of my advice.

All the tips under Linux have been gained by myself, using my own machine(s), screwing them up, fixing them and finding out full details from a dozen different sites, putting a list together of what actually worked for me to get the job done correctly.

So these Linux Tips pages are here for information only. If you use them and your system gets screwed up, dont come to me. Im sorry to have to take this stance, but when using Free Open Source Software (FOSS) this is one of the first lessons you learn. You are expected to learn how to use a computer, to get your hands dirty and at least help yourself.

Ive learned from experience that if you go to a Distro Forum asking for help, and you've done nothing to fix the problem yourself, or you give no details other than “This program wont run after clicking the icon” then rest assured that most users on the forum will laugh at you and get abusive.

To understand the above you have to understand the Linux idea about help forums.

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