Anti Virus Scanning.

The importance of doing an anti virus / malware scan.

To understand the problem you first have to understand the mentality of the scammers and the end user.

Scammers are not out to get you personally, they dont know you from Adam. Scammers are out to get the biggest payout with the minimal amount of effort. They will send emails to hundreds (if not thousands) of email addresses, hoping that at least a handful of them payout. Scammers want to spend the least amount of time doing this.

Examples include emails about lottery wins of millions of USD……. but you need to pay 450 USD admin fee to get your money. Trust me, people have fallen for this. Scammers are like fishermen casting BIG nets, in the hope of having the BIGGEST chance of catching at least something.

Now you can download and install an anti-virus package, keep it updated, scan once a week and watch what sites you go to. But the best way is to download a boot disc ISO, burn it to a blank disc and boot from it. The benefit of this is that if the ISO is clean, then once burned to disc no virus (or malware) can infect a closed disc.

If you go to and take a look and download one of the programs, and then regularly check your system. I suggest you download the Comodo live rescue disc, malwarebytes free and CCleaner. Learn to protect yourselfs and save money.

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