Paypal Email Scam.

One of many email scams apparently from Paypal.

Do you ever receive emails from companies like Paypal saying your account is blocked, or put on hold, emails from your bank saying you have to change your login details ? I'm guessing you do, and Im hoping you DELETE then straight away.

How do I know an email from Paypal is a scam ? And this goes for all other institutions as well.

Firstly open the scam email. Next ask yourself this “The email account that the email was sent to, was that email account registered with the institute ?”. If not then thats the first sign it is a scam crap email.

Second sign. The “From” email addres will be listed, take a look. Does it look like an official email address of the institute ? No ? Good thats the second sign its a scam.

In the picture above there is a blue oblong box with white writing which says “Go To Resolution Centre”.

Place your cursor over it, but dont click on it.

Now look at the bottom left hand corner, does that look like a Paypal web address ? No ? Well this is two guaranteed ways to check that an email is a scam. All you need to do is ask simple questions and save yourself getting scammed.

If you had clicked on the button you would have gone to a website, entered your paypal login details and then the scammers would have emptied any money you would have had there, or kept an eye on any money you receive.

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