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Here is a great howto on installing openSUSE

openSUSE Download Mirrors.

The reason I have listed gnome-hearts, pokerth and kmymoney is because Ive found that the packages havent been ported to Tumbleweed in the main Repos. So by adding the repos below will mean you can install all of pokerth, and add extra repos for extra software. First check with your software manager to see if the packages have been ported to the current version, if not add these below.




To get PokerTH installed you also have to add the following two Repos

1 games:tools

2 home:sekhemty:games

Technically mixing version repos will stuff your system, so add the above two repos at your own risk. Disable afterwards if you want to.


See the two sections For KDE Frameworks5 openSUSE Tumbleweed, and just normal Tumbleweed.

Tumbleweed Packman. Multimedia codecs and DVD playback.

After adding the Packman repo and updating / upgrading, you will get messages about installing software from Packman “With vendor changes.”. Allow this install / upgrade to happen.

More to be added later.

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