Aloha From Hawaii Via satellite

At 12.30 am on January 14th, 1973 Elvis wrote history with the first world-wide telecasted concert ever.

Las Vegas, September 5, 1972

In the morning, there was a press conference at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel to announce the upcoming worldwide telecast of an Elvis concert in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The announcement was made by the president of RCA Records, Mr. Rocco Laginestra. Elvis was also present and told the press he hoped he wouldn't let his fans down. Mr. Laginestra told the press the upcoming tv-program would reach the largest audience in the history of television. The concert would be broadcast to Southeast Asia via satellite. In Europe the concert would be seen in 28 countries the day after the concert. The U.S.A. (mainland) would not see the program before April 1973.

Honolulu, November 20, 1972

Elvis attends a press conference in the Rainbow Rib Room of the Hilton's Hawaiian Village Hotel. There it was announced that the concert would take place on January 14, 1973. The concert would be a benefit for the Kui Lee Cancer Fund. Elvis and the Colonel would start the benefit by donating a check for $1,000 to the Kui Lee Cancer Fund.

Memphis, January 7, 1973

Elvis left Graceland and traveled to Los Angeles. Tickets for the concert of January 14 went on sale in Honolulu. Already a large amount of tickets were sold in advance by mail orders. Tickets could only be obtained by making a donation to the Kui Lee Cancer Fund. Tickets for the dress rehearsal of January 12 would be sold as soon as the main show had sold out.

Los Angeles, January 9, 1973

Elvis flew from Los Angeles to Honolulu. He arrived at the Honolulu International Airport at 4.00 pm. From there he flew by helicopter to the Hilton's Hawaiian Village Hotel at Waikiki Beach.

Honolulu, January 10 & 11, 1973

Elvis rehearsed for the upcoming special, Aloha from Hawaii.

Honolulu, January 12, 1973

Elvis performed for an audience of 6,000 people at the International Convention Center, the show was taped as an emergency backup in case of problems with the show of January 14.

Honolulu, January 14, 1973

At 12.30 am Elvis wrote history with the first world-wide telecasted concert ever. Millions of people in over 40 countries saw Elvis' live concert from Hawaii. The total earnings of the concert, being $75,000 were donated to the Kui Lee Cancer Fund. The original estimate had only been $25,000.

Following the live performance Elvis recorded 5 additional songs, which would be included in the U.S.-version of the telecast. The telecast, Aloha from Hawaii, would be watched by more than 1 billion people, worldwide. The show would be the most expensive entertainment special, up to that time, with costs of $ 2,5 million. Following the show, as soon as the audience had left the building, Elvis recorded 5 songs on stage, to be included in the American version of the special. The special would be aired in the U.S.A. on April 4, 1973. At the end of the show, Elvis removed this cape and hurled it into the audience. It was caught by Mr. Bruce Sprinks, a reporter of the Honolulu Advisor. The cape is now on display in the trophy room at Graceland.

Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii via satellite. The Album

(US) RCA VPSX-6089 (Double-LP) (US) BMG 52642-2 (CD) First released: February 1973 (LP). This album was RCA's first Quadradisc album. The LP achieved over $1 million in sales, making it the first Quadradisc in the recording industry to become gold. This album reached number 1 on the chart for 52 weeks in the U.S.A

CD Releases 1985, 5 CD box set 2012, 20 CD box set 2012 and 2013

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