What To Do After Installing Manjaro.

After installing Manjaro you will want to speed up your repos. This is done so that when installing / updating you download from the fastest servers.

So, open a terminal and log in as root.

Ranking mirrors This command will rank your mirrors by speed and will filter the out of date mirrors.

pacman-mirrors -g

Sync the database

pacman -Sy

Optimize the database access speed For full benefit, run this command after syncing the database.

pacman-optimize && sync


Pacman can update your system with only one command:

pacman -Su

Although, it is usually better to sync your repo database first:

pacman -Syu

This command was recommend:

pacman -Syyu

Install a package

pacman -S package_name

Install packages as a group

pacman -S gnome

pacman -S kde

AUR (Arch User Repository)

Following is info and options for using the AUR repo.

Yaourt Yaourt comes pre-installed with Manjaro so you normally won't have to install it. If you have removed it, this is how you install it again:

pacman -S base-devel yaourt

You then install software from the AUR repo as normal user, NOT AS ROOT. Type the following command in a konsole :

yaourt <package-name>

Thanks to the following sites for details, combined here.

Manjaro Pacman Tips Wiki

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