The Elvis Presley Omnipedia DVD.

We have created an Elvis Presley Omnipedia DVD, with over 9500 pages of facts, figures, CD releases and much more. See below for details. Here you can see screenshots of the main pages, and what information is included. We aim to get permission from EPE to sell this DVD set and donate all monies to charities. We would love to hear your comments about this after you have taken a look. If you have any questions or comments, contact We will be sending this to Graceland week commencing 12th Feb. Click here for a tour.

So whats on the first DVD of this two DVD set ?

9500 plus pages of Elvis facts, figures, official cd releases, box sets, jumpsuits, vinyl releases, FTD, seesion logs and much more.

01 - Elvis The Story
02 - Song List
03 - The Movies with poster art
04 - Chart Hits
05 - The Backing Singers
06 - Aloha From Hawaii with video interviews
07 - Elvis Quotes
08 - Official RCA / BMG / Sony CD Releases from 1984
09 - Official FTD Label Cd Releases from 1999
10 - Boxsets and Collections. Atlas, Camden, Readers Digets, Time Life, Greenhill and more
11 - Elvis On Tour Concert Details 1969 to 1977
12 - Elvis Jumpsuit Details 1969 to 1977
13 - Elvis in Japan
14 - Song Lyrics
15 - Recording Sessions
16 - Elvis on Vinyl Including Sun Records
17 - Elvis On......Books, Cassette, Reel to Reel, 8mm and Super 8, and more
18 - World rarities, photos, interviews and rare recordings
19 - World Promo CD's
20 - Bootleg Releases From 1988
21 - Four index pages of Elvis Facts

Including :
When Elvis Met Nixon with photos and pdf files of the meeting
The Flying Elvis - Lockhead Jetstar and the Lisa Marie, with photos
Graceland history and the Circle G with photos and article by Lesley Pilling
Marion Keisker MacInnes
23 Movie indepth details

And thats just on the first DVD !!!!!

Click on the above image to see the level of detail for the CD releases.

This DVD is designed to have a web page front end, but be completely off-line and running from a DVD. No internet required for 99.9 per cent of the disc, no slow speeds, no waiting for bloated pages to load with more ads than content. This is a project that has been 18 plus years in the making, and now it's time to make it public.

I'm looking for Beta Testers.

(In software development, a beta test is the second phase of software testing in which a sampling of the intended audience tries the product out.).

If anyone in the UK would like to be a Beta Tester, then please contact - Numbers will be low as obviously I cant send out hundreds of copies.


Update 20th February 2018

Just received an email reply from EPE.

Hi Phillip –

Unfortunately, we must decline to license any rights that we own and/or control in connection with your proposed project. Such a project could be in direct conflict with current and ongoing projects of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. Therefore, we must decline your request.

Please be aware that Authentic Brands Group and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. own an extensive and well-established number of federally registered, state, and international trademarks associated with Elvis Presley, including without limitation, “ELVIS”, ELVIS PRESLEY”, “GRACELAND”, “TCB”, AND “KING OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL”. This includes a federal trademark registration for ELVIS PRESLEY for entertainment services, including without limitation, for live musical concerts, theater productions, exhibitions, sweepstakes, websites, on-line activities, radio, television, DVD and future media programs featuring performances of Elvis Presley. In addition Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. is also the owner of certain copyrightable subject matter pertaining to Elvis Presley as well as the owner of all right, title, and interest in and to the rights of publicity associated with Elvis Presley. These publicity rights include the right to control the commercial exploitation of Elvis Presley’s name, likeness, voice, image and other elements of Elvis Presley’s persona in advertisements, photographs, and otherwise. Accordingly, such intellectual property rights cannot be used without the written permission of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. In addition to the name, image and likeness of Elvis Presley, Sony Music / BMG owns the rights to Elvis’ music and publications.

We appreciate you interest in Elvis Presley, and we thank you for your understanding.

Not sure what "Such a project could be in direct conflict with current and ongoing projects of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc" means, sounds like complete load of bullcrap to me !!!!! Well, I will have to take a few days to think about what happens now and how I can take this project forward, and sidestep those wonderful people at EPE.

Well. Ive now been speaking to Lauren Denny at Sony Music and just waiting for a reply from her. I've asked for permission to list the CD's with cover art. I'm hoping they dont go and charge me big time, seeing as all net proceeds are going to charity.

I also had a nice chat with Todd Slaughter and had great advice from him. Told Todd I'd also spoken with Sid Shaw of Elvisly Yours and waiting to hear back from him.

Update August 2018.

Last Month I re-contacted Lauren Denny at Sony Music and never received a reply, so no idea if she still works there, or whether they cant be bothered ?????

Now just waiting for Sid Shaw to get back to me and see if we can get a deal together. Would be great if the omnipedia can be sold through his business.

August 2018 - Part Two

I've been updating the omnipedia, correcting mistakes, adding pages, adding new releases, added a page showing just the Elvis releases with the RPO, also list just the gospel releases.

29th October 2018 - Update.

Everyone has gone quiet, no update from Sony Music, nothing from Elvisly Yours.

I have decided to get the one dvd disc set ready for possible sale. I will be getting all Sony / FTD / Bootlegs sales added so the disc includes a complete 2018. This will mean that the disc includes :

All official Sony releases 1984 - 2018

All FTD releases 1999 - 2018

All Bootleg releases 1988 - 2018

As well as all the other sections, vinyl, boxsets, collections, music, everything. So then I could be possiblily be looking at starting to sell by May 2019. All I need to do is find a company to make the DVD's.


Update November 2018

After emailing Lauren Denny at Sonymusic and getting no response, I googled her email address and found her Linkedin profile. It seems she left her Licensing Manager role at Sony back in April 2018. So now I will have to re-email someone else, go through all the story, and then wait for a response.


Couldnt wait. Just emailed Sony, asked for my email to be forwarded to the new licensing manager. Hopefully I MIGHT get some response soon.

Update 21st November 2018

I emailed the UK office and had an email from Rebecca Ferguson who said

"Hey Phillip,

If it’s only artwork you’re licensing then you’ll need to contact Alex from our US office as the UK office can only licence out artwork from British artists

Livadas, Alex, Sony Music

Becks x"


So I forwarded my email to this Alex Livadas. I gave links to my website and two links to the DVD Omnipedia section. He must have taken a look and even seen the Elvis / Cher remix.

I'd heard nothing for a week so re-contacted Rebecca on the 28th Nov and asked if she could chase. She replied :

Hey Philip,

I’ve sent Alex a message asking him to please deal with it ?


Had a reply from Alex at 21.49 London time

"Hi Phillip,

Thanks for your inquiry.

It appears Elvis Presley Enterprises has already declined your request earlier this year, and if EPE isn’t on board with your project there’s nothing we at Sony can do.

Best of luck,

So I've emailed back asking about copyright issues, as Sony own the copyright to the Elvis music would they need to seek permission from EPE to use the Elvis image, and therefore pay royalties.

So will have to wait and see what happens now. Its funny how I have an Elvis / Cher remix video on here and also three music vids of Elvis and the RPO, of which this Alex chap must have seen and he's said nothing. Never said I have to remove them.

I will probably get a crappy letter in the post from Sony's Lawyers threatening me with legal action.

Update 10th March, 2019

Things have been pretty quiet lately, no replies from anyone. So I've been busy update even more pages, correcting typing mistakes, adding extra details, and just keeping busy getting the DVD even more ready.

I've started adding details for official releases in 2019, FTD and Sony releases, currently only one FTD and one Sony release.


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