The RCA Victrola Portable Elvis Presley Phonographs (1956)
By Ger Rijff
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In November of 1956 RCA Victor felt the time was right for every Elvis fan to have their own Elvis Presley record player!
And not just one, but two different models were on offer!
The Automatic 45 Victrola was priced at $44.95, while the 4-Speed Victrola sold for $32.95.
foleys billboard
Full-page ads for the Victrola’s. One from the Foley’s department store in Houston, TX. The other from Billboard magazine.
08 07
Both phonographs came with cool Elvis bonus records:
The SPD-22 double and SPD-23 triple in gatefold sleeves sporting the famous 1st album photo cover.
01 06
For radio promotion RCA had asked Elvis to record two spoken messages for his fans, telling them how wonderful these new Victrola record players were. Snippets of his hits can be heard in between the talking. This promo was a one sided pressing playing at 33 1/3 speed.
It’s possibly the rarest of all RCA promo releases.
new.4 all black 45
The phonographs were available in different colors. To the right we see the all-black version of the 45.
Below different color variations of both machines.
4-speed in carrying postion dark & light grey in carrying position 45
brown & ivory 45
bb Naamloos
Elvis himselvis can be seen on quite a few photographs listening to the 4-Speed Victrola model. He even took one with him to Germany, in ’58. Had he wanted to, he could have even made use of the 1956 Elvis Presley Record Case to store his favourite 45's as well.
Elvis Portable Victrola From BRITAIN!
We’d never heard of its existence before, let alone seen one! But the photo proves there was an Elvis Presley RCA Victor ‘Victrola’ portable record player, with his name engraved on the lid made for the teenager-market in Great Britain, back in the 1950s! Just how rare is that?!
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engelse victrola