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We have created an Elvis Presley Omnipedia DVD, with over 9050 pages of facts, figures, CD releases and much more. See below for details. Here you can see screenshots of the main pages, and what information is included. We aim to get permission from EPE to sell this DVD set and donate all monies to charities. We would love to hear your comments about this after you have taken a look. If you have any questions or comments, contact

The main start page is a nice little intro to Elvis. Its kept simple.

The first thing you should notice is the top bar, see below. This is where you find the main navigation links which are coloured white, and stand out on the blue background.

Clicking on the thumbnails will open a bigger picture in a new window.


Clicking on "Database Page One" will bring you to the screenshots left and below.

This section lists Elvis' life, movies, song list, the Aloha story, backing singers, and other basic facts.



Clicking on "Database Page Two" will bring you to the following three screenshots.

At the top you will see the

  • RCA / BMG / Sony CD releases by year,
  • FTD label,
  • Collections such as Atlas and Camden etc,
  • followed by world promos,
  • Elvis on Tour detailed listings
  • and a Jumpsuit section.

The middle section of the Database Page Two has

  • Record Sessions,
  • Vinyl,
  • World Rarities,
  • Elvis on DVD,
  • Sheet Music,
  • Photos,
  • Presley Heritage,
  • Charity of Elvi
  • and Elvis Statues.

The bottom part contains, Elvis stamps and plates etc, Bootlegs, wallpaper for your computer and other nice reads. Plus read about the guy who wrote Unchained Melody.



Next is four pages of "Factlist", which were released mainly by Graceland by email.

See Pages one, two and three screenshots for a taste of what great info is on offer.

Page Three deals with indepth details on the movies.

  Fact List Page Two

  Fact List Page Three

  Fact List Page Four

  This is the FTD label section. Here we have a full listing of releases, releases by year, Vinyl releases and Vinyl artwork


The Jumpsuit section.

A great section if you want to know all about the jumpsuits Elvis wore from 68 to 77


Time Life.

This section lists the releases by Time Life. As you can see from the "Collections" listing on DB Page 2, we have quite a few collections listed.



This is the Camden Collection Listing.


RCA / BMG / Sony CD releases 2015.

Clicking on each CD cover will take you to a tract / detail listing page for each CD.


German Pressings.

This is all about pressings released in Germany, and about the vinyls released in the 1950's for the US Army


Links Top

The top section lists major sites that are (in our opinion) great sites for information.

  We have also listed some of the worldwide fanclub sites here too.


Thanks Page.

This lists all the sites that gave us permission to use information from their sites, to build this DVD

Dont forget the navigation links at the top of each page. They will take you easily around the DVD.