Elvis Presley - The Greatest Artist of All Time

Elvis Presley was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.


Christopher Robin Movie. 21 September 2018


What can I say about this fantastic movie other than I absolutely loved it. The movie was 1 hour and 43 minutes of sheer fun. It reminded me of my own youth and that the child remains in all of us, regardless of how old we get.

There have been a lot of bad reviews about this movie being childish, well I disagree. I personally think it tries to speak to not only children but also to the child that remains inside adults. Yes some of the animal talk was daft, but when you had your own childhood, own imaginary friends and an imaginary world, then thats how you spoke. Just because you're older doesnt mean the childish part of you leaves.

Pooh Bear "Peaple say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday."

I appreciate that a film is about two hours long and that the story has to be moved forward, and that some parts are missing that you need to fill in yourself, but the only downside to this movie was that it wasnt long enough. I truely believe that it should have been the full two hours. The connection between the adult and the child that remains inside of you should have been better explained.

This film tried to remind everyone that even though we grow up and go into the real world, the child still remains, and its telling / reminding us that sometimes we have to step from the serious adult world, and let the child out. We need to remember that family is important too and that we cant forget about it. The final scene of this movie was Christopher's daughter finding the animals (with her mother and father in tow), her father could re-live his childhood along side his daughter, and rekindle his relationship with his wife, and he found that he was missing out on an important part of his life.......his family and the wonderfull connection, and he found it with the help of his own childhood animal friends.

I will be definately getting the DVD when its released. And just for your entertainment here is one of the official trailers. I dare you to watch it and not like it. If you hate it then you need to get someone to check if you have a pulse. So take my advice, go see this film if its still at the cinema, but go buy the DVD and watch it with a cuppa, and your own family.





Elvis Presley's Current RIAA Awards Standing - 28-08-2018

Heres a screenshot of the current RIAA award standings as of 28 AUg 2018. Just click the image and it will open in a new window.
As you can see the Beatles are first with 178 million, Garth Brooks second with 148 million and Elvis third with 146.5. Im surprised that Michael Jackson didnt get into triple figures. But why have I put this blog online ?
Well for a simple reason really. Now I like some of the beatles songs, and I dont have a problem with them but Im going to argue that they achieved their tally as a group (and a good group they were too), but Paul McCartney is listed as only having 15.5 million selling records as a solo artist. Now lets times that by four and we get 62 million. Would the Beatles have been better if John Lennon and Paul McCartney had solo careers and not formed the band ? I really hate to say this but I think the answer is "No".
The truth is that Elvis Presley was just fantastic as a solo performer achieving what he did. Just like the Beatles were great as a band. Elvis would probably have been naff in a band, and the Beatles would have never made it if it wasnt for the Beatles band. Simple.
I'm going to continue being an Elvis fan regardless of the fact that the Beatles currently have more sales. I admit some of Presley's songs were just complete rubbish, song of the shrimp and we're coming in loaded for a start, but regardless of that I truely believe Elvis gave more quality music than anyone else.


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