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A&M La Louisianne
A+R (manufacturer) LaFace
A-Bet Laff
A-LM Lamon
ABC Lana
ABC-Paramount Larkwood
Abkco Laurie
Accent Le Cam
Ace Lehua
Ace-Hi LHI
Acme (I) Liberty
Acme (II) Lifesong
Acta Limelight
Advantage Linco
Agápe Lionel
AGP Little David
Air Trans Little Richie Johnson
Airborne (1967) Lizard
Airborne (1988) Lloyd Shaw
Aladdin Loma
Alfa London
Allied (ARDCO) (distributor) London Group
Alma Lorimar
All-American Lost Nite
Alston Lotus
Amaret LRC
Ambassador (distributor) Lucky Eleven
Amerama Lur Liner
American Arts  
American Radio Warblers M
Amos Mac Gregor
Ampex Madison
Amsterdam Mala
Amy Malaco
Ansonia MAM
APA Mango
Apple Manhattan
Applegate Mankind
APT Manticore
ARC Marlin
Arch Books Aloud! Masterton
ARDCO (distributor) Max's Kansas City
Ardent Maxwell
Ariel MCA
Ariola Mediarts
Arista Medicine Label
Arlen Mega (1970-1973)
Arrival Mega (1982)
Arrow Mel-o-dy
Asai Memphis
Ascot Mercury
Ashley Meridian
Assault Metro
Astor Metromedia
Astro (1960) MGM
Astro (1969-1970) MGM South
Astrolog Miami
Asylum Midland
Atco Midsong
Atlantic Mike
Atlantic Group Millennium
Atteiram Minit
Audio Lab Miranda
Audiovox Mirror
Autumn International Mocha
Äva Mod
Avalance Modern
Avant Garde Monarch
Avco Monument
AVI Monza
Azteca Moonglow
Back Beat Mosrite
Backstreet Motif
Baja Motown
Bally Motown Latino
Banyan Tree Mowest
Barnaby Mr.Peacock
BASF Mr.Peeke
Bearsville MSR
BeeGee MTA
Bel Canto MTM
Bell (1953-1960) Mums
Bell (1964-1974) Musart
Beserkley Music Town
Bethlehem Mushroom
Bicycle Music Merchant (1972-1973)
Big Top Music Merchant (1984-1988)
Big Tree Music Treasures
Big Way Musicland
Bishop Musicor
Black Gemini Mutual
Blue NAP
Blue Book Nasco
Blue Heron Nash
Blue Note Nashboro
Blue Rock National
Blue Sky National General
Blue Thumb Neptune
Bluesway Network
BMC New Design
BNA New Voice
Boardwalk Newhall
Bomp Newtime
Bonanza Newtown
Boom Norgran
Borrowed Norton
Boston NRC
Boy Scout Recordings NSD
Boyd NSD (distributor)
Bowery Nugget
Broadcast OBR
Broadmoor Ode
Broadway Odeon
Bronco Okeh
Bronze Old Timer
Brother Oldies 45
Brown Bag Oliver
Brumberger Omega (I)
Brunswick Omega (II)
Brut 123
Buddah Original Gold
Buena Vista Original Sound
Bunky Orpheus
Burdette Ovation
Burt Owl
Cadence Ozark
Cadet Concept P.I.
Calamo Pace
Calendar Pacemaker
Calliope Pacific
Camel Pacific Jazz
Cameo Page One
Canadian American Pala
Candy Panorama
Cannery Parachute
Cap Latino Parkway
Capitol Parrot
Capitol Classics Paula
Capitol Compact 33 Peacock
Capitol Starline Peerless
Capricorn Pelham
Car Perception
Caribou Pete
Carlton Peter Pan
Carmichael (distributor) Phi-Dan
Carousel Philadelphia International
Cartwheel Philips
Casablanca Philles
Casino Philly Groove
Castle Philly World
Cat Pied Piper
C/C International Planet
Cee Cee Platinum
Centaur Plato
Centaurus Plaza
Century City Playboy
Certron Playhour
CG Playtime
Chalet Polydor
Challenge Pompeii
Chancellor Poppy
Chapter One Portrait
Chariot PRDI (distributor)
Charisma Prep
Chart Prima
Checker Press
Chelsea Private Stock
Chess Probe
Children's Record Guild Profile
Chimneyville Prom
Chisa Promenade
Chocolate City Prophesy
Choreo Pulsar
Chrysalis Purple
Cin Kay Pyramid
Circa (distributor)  
Class QCA
Clef QCA Red Mark
Clock Quad
Clouds Qwest
Cobblestone R-Dell
Coco Radio
Coda Radio Active Gold
Coed Rainbow (Dance)
Colgems RAK
Collectables Rama
Color Rama Rama
Colossus Ramco
Colpix Ranwood
Columbia RCA Victor
Columbia Hall of Fame RCA Victor (27 series - Collectors)
Columbia Stereo Seven RCA Victor (47 series - Children)
Columbia 33 Single RCA Victor (48 series - Country)
Columbia Priceless Edition RCA Victor (49 series - Red Seal)
Columbia Masterworks RCA Victor (50 series - Blues)
Columbia 7'' LP RCA Victor (51 series - International)
Columbia Record Club RCA Victor (52 series - Popular)
Command RCA Compact 33
Commercial RCA Gold Standard
Commonwealth United RCA Birthday
Comstar Real
Con Brio Record Guild of America
Congress Record of the Month Club
Constellation Red Label
Continental Reinbeau
Coral Remember
Corner Stone Remington
Cotillion Rendezvous
Counterpart Renegade
Country & Western Hits Reprise
Country Showcase Republic
Countryside Research Craft (distributor)
C.R.C. Revue
Crazy Horse RIC
Cream Ringo
Creed Rita
Crest Roadshow
Crested Butte Robox
Crewe Rock'n Mania
Cricket Rocket
Critique Rocy Coast
Crosby Rocshire
Crossover Rolling Stones
Crown Romar International
Crystalette Ronn
CTI Rooster Blues
Cuca Roulette
Cub Round & Round
Curb RPC
Curtom RPM
Cutlass Rust Belt
Cypress RSO
Dana Sabre (distributor)
Dark Horse Sacred
Dash Satellite
Date Scarlet
Daybreak Scepter
DCP Seaside
DDC Seeco
De Luxe Segué
Dearborn Select
Debut Sentar
Decca Sets in Order
Decca Children's Series 7 Arts
Deemora Seventy-First Street
Def Jam Seville
Del-Fi SGC
Delta International SGM
Deram Shamrock
Derby Show Biz
Destiny Show Town
De-Vel Sidewalk
Dial Signature
Diamond (1950s) Signpost
Diamond (1960s) Silver
Diesel Only Silver Blue
Direction Silver Spotlight Series
Discos Columbia Singspiration
Discovery Sire
Dixie Oldies Slash
DJM Sleeping Bag
Dolton SMC Pro Arte
Don Smash
Don't SOL
Dootone/Dooto Solid State
Dopebrother Solo
Dot Soma
Doubletalk Song Hits
Dover (distributor) Songs of Faith
Dreamland Songs Unlimited
Drive Soul
Duke Soul Classics
Dunhill Soul Train
Dunwich Sound
Dwain Sound Stage 7
Dynasty Sounds of Memphis
DynoVoice Sounds of Music (distributor)
  Sounds of the South
Ecology Space
18 Top Hits Spark
Electric Sparrow
Elektra Specialty
Elf Spindizzy
Ember Spring
Embryo Square 'N Round
EMH Stacy
EMI / EMI America Star Song
EMI-Manhattan Star Tone
End Starday
Enigma Stargem
Ensign Starline
Entrance State Calla
EP Stax
Epic Steed
Equinox Stiff
Era Stone Lady
Eric Storysong
Es Paranza Strand
Esquir Striped Horse
Event (1969-1976) Sugarhill
Everest Sugarscoop
Excello Sun
Fabulous Rock Sunbird
Falcon Sunburst
Fame Sundown
Family Productions Sunland
Fania Sunshine Sound
Far Out Super K
Fargo Superscope
Farr Superstar International
FastFire Surf
Favorite Sussex
Federal Swan Song
Festival Swing Time
Fire T.A.
Flair (1953-1955) T.M.
Flair (1965) Tabu
Flair-X Tamla
Flaming Arrow Tangerine
Flashback Tappan Zee
Flying Dutchman Target
Fontana Tattoo
Ford TCF
Forward Team
4 Corners Tempo
4th & B'Way Temponic
49th State Hawaii Tetragrammaton
Frank Wobbly & Sons Thanks
Fraternity Three Brothers
Free Flight Thunder
Freeway Thunderbird
Fresh Tico
Fuentes TK
Full Sail TMI
Fungus Tneck
Fury TNT
Gamble Today's Hits
Gardena Together
Garrett Tom Cat
GAS Tomato
Gasoline Alley Tommy
Gateway Tomorrow
Gazette Tonsil
GBS Top Hit Tunes
Gee Top Rank
Geffen Tops
Gemini Star Total Experience
General American Tower
Generation Track
Get Hip Traq
Gilmar Tribe
Glades Trip (1969)
Glover Trip (1970s)
GNP Crescendo Triumph
Gold Mountain Truth
Gold Star TRX
Golden Fleece TSOP
Goldies 45 TSR
Goldwax Tumbleweed
Gone Turntable
Good Time Jazz 20th (Century) Fox
Gordy 21
Grand Twilight
Grand Award Twin Hits
Great Western  
Green Label UK
Gregar Unart
Groove Undercover Brother
GRT Unical
GSF Unique
GTO United Artists
Guaranteed United Artists Jazz
GWP United Talent
  Universal (1989)
H&L Universal (1996)
Hana Ho Uptown
Hand U.S.A. (1961-1969)
Handshake U.S.A. (1984)
Hanna-Barbera Utopia
Harvest Value
Headline Vando
Heartbeat Varsity
Heritage Vaya
Hi Vee-Jay
Hi 4 Veep
Hi Country Vega
Hi-Hat Vendetta
Hickory Venture
Hilltop Verve
Hit Vik
Hit Parade Vim
Hit Parader V.I.P
HMC Virgin
Holiday Hits Viva
Horizon VMC
Horn Volt
Hot Biscuit  
Hot Buttered Soul Waikiki
Hot Line Wallis Original
Hot Wax Wand
Hula Warner Bros
Ikon We Make Rock'n Roll
Immediate Westbound
Imperial Westminster
Importe/12 Weston Woods
Impulse White Whale
Infinity (1961) White Horse
Infinity (1978) Wilco
Insignia Windfall
Integra Windsor
International Sacred Wing
Intrepid Wing and a Prayer
Invictus Winro
IRDA (distributor) Wirl
I.R.S Word
Island World
  World Artists
Jad World Pacific
Jamie World Pacific Jazz
Jan Wye
Jay Jay "X" - Vik
Jet Yellow-Jacket
Jewel York
Jive ZE
Kama Sutra