OZ Label and Company Sleeve 1981


103764 - 1981
Luxury was owned by Autralian composer Rick Turk, member of The Seekers from 1981 to 1986.
From Rick Turk's own bio: In the early eighties, I launched my own record label called Luxury Records which was distributed through RCA. We signed 4 very good local bands and had some minor successes. BUT... I had this great idea to create a character called Vee-U-Meter and recorded an album of very silly songs that I had written over the years. One of them was entitled "Lonesome In The Saddle" which some crazy fool at RCA loved, so it came out as a single. The best part was doing the film clip where 3 people got injured (not seriously) from various accidents - being in the wrong place when a piano fell over, coming off a horse, and getting burnt trying to start a fire!
No 1
103764 - 1981
RCA distribution
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