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UK, US, German, Australian and Norwegian 45 RPM record labels and their company sleeves 1949-2000.

Back in 2012 we contacted Erling Mehl from Bergen, Norway and asked permission to use his site info on our DVD project. He kindly agreed.

Unfortunately the world lost Erling in 2015, and his site was taken down. We didnt want to lose this valuable information, so have reproduced it here as a remembrance to Erling and his hard work. If anybody related to Erling who is responsible for his affairs wants us to remove it, please contact us. Email phillip (dot) chandler (at) elvis-online.co.uk

We claim none of this work as our own.

How it works. When you go into each countries listing and click on a record label, the link will open in a new tab and display the details. The links on these pages for "45-sleeves home" and "contact for corrections" dont work, as they were on the original owners site.

Just close the newly opened tab.